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St Thomas More Parish full Church Life Profile of results from the 2016 National Church Life Survey is now available

The Church Life Profile displays the Parish 2016 NCLS results, in a detailed report of up to 36 pages.

The full colour Church Life Profile of survey results from the 2016 NCLS provides us with a clear evaluation of our church’s vitality, in core qualities of church life. It includes change over time data and comparisons with denominational results. 

It is available as a pdf for download and sharing. A printed copy of this Profile will be mailed to the Parish in a Church Life Pack of resources in the near future.

 The Church Life Profile/s can be viewed here:

Enter the Profile Number  - X4HZ94

 Profile Contents

Summary Profile: 8 page summary of key findings.

Detailed Review:  20 to 28 pages of in-depth survey results.

The Profile shows our Church results in graphs, tables and charts including:

·        The Local Neighbourhood

·        Internal Core Qualities

·        People of this Church

·        Inspirational Core Qualities

·        Church Vitality Review

·        Outward Core Qualities

·        Child Survey Results




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