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St Thomas More Forum

forumbooking btn 250Introduction of purpose and objectives of the St Thomas More Forum

Making a worthwhile contribution to the life of any Parish community is becoming increasingly challenging in the busy world we all live in. However this does not mean communities should not try to find ways to connect, inform and communicate with the world around us.

These thoughts led to a focus on the contribution the parishioners of the Parish of St. Thomas More’s, Campbell in Canberra could make to the life of their Parish and also to the wider Catholic and Christian community in the National Capital.

A group of parishioners saw the need for a public forum for speakers who would be prepared to address issues of topical concern and debate on a Catholic platform. There was a view that there was a need to bring forward specific issues into the public square with a Christian perspective. Members of all faiths are welcome to attend. Another factor was that the St. Thomas More Parish in Campbell is strategically located in the heart of Canberra.

The objectives of the St. Thomas More Forum are:

  • To promote thought, discussion and debate on the challenges of faith in the workplace, family and public life in the modern world.
  • To recognise the significance of the life of St Thomas More for those in influential positions in today's society and who draw on his example in their public lives.
  • To develop a networking environment where stimulating speakers with a national or international perspective inspire discussion and debate on topical issues of the day that are central to faith.


Mass Times


Sunday Mass will resume on Sunday 17 October, with numbers limited to 25.

Pre-registration is essential. See the bulletin (found in Downloads on this site for details)

During the ACT lockdown, you are invited to participate in Mass via Zoom.

Mass: Tuesday - Sunday, 9:30am

Also Saturdays 6pm (vigil for Sunday)











9:30 - 10:00am